In every instance when the Church has been assailed by one or another heresy, we find that many people are fooled by the heresy without actually understanding what is happening. Heresy is always presented as the truth and in this way many are misled.

-- Metropolitan Ephraim, Holy Orthodox Church in North America, 2001

Thursday, November 21, 2013

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What is Imyaslavie?  An introduction to name-worshipping.


An examination of the name-worshipping controversy and the work of Fr. Anthony Bulatovich, by Metropolitan Anthony Khrapovitsky

Chronology of name-worshipping in HOCNA as of September 14/27, 2012

A review of the history of the name-worshipping controversy, and an analysis of how name-worshipping deviates from the teachings of the Holy Fathers, by Holy Transfiguration Monastery, Boston

The fine line established by St. Cyril of Alexandria, and how name-worshipping crosses that line:  a letter by Fr. B

Statement of Bishop Demetrius on name-worshipping and its consequences for the Holy Orthodox Church in North America

Why the Russian Synod of 1913 is not heretical.  By Fr. Maximos of Holy Ascension Monastery.

How the name-worshippers are using smokescreens to distract the faithful, just as heretics of past generations did.  An essay by Fr. Maximos of Holy Ascension Monastery.

Created Names and Uncreated God, a reply to the assertions of Thomas Deretich

St. John of Kronstadt and the Name of God, a further reply to Thomas Deretich

HOCNA, Name-Worshipping, and the Synod of Archbishop Makarios of Athens.  By Fr. Panagiotes Carras

Analysis of the October 8 and 10 statements by the synod of the Holy Orthodox Church in North America

Analysis of the September 5/18 statement on name-worshipping by the synod of the Holy Orthodox Church in North America

Dear Anastasia, on the widely circulated letter from Fr. Mark Beesley defending the bishops of the Holy Orthodox Church in North America on name-worshipping

On the Economist articles, an analytical look at two articles sympathetic to name-worshipping which appeared in The Economist in December 2012

How Name-worshippers (aka Name-glorifiers) define their doctrine, and what the Holy Fathers have to say about it.  A study by Nicholas Snogren.

Links to other articles about name-worshipping

Historical Documents

Decision of the Russian Synod condemning name-worshipping, 1913

Epistles of Patriarch Germanos of Constantinople condemning name-worshipping

Example of how the historical record on name-worshipping was distorted by the radical press

What the Holy New Hieromartyr Patriarch Tikhon actually said in his Nativity Epistle of 1921, versus how the HOCNA hierarchs portray him

Gregory Lourie deposed for name-worshipping

Further Reading

For more information about the role of the name-worshipping heresy in the departure of many clergy, monastics and laity from the Holy Orthodox Church in North America (HOCNA) for the Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians (GOC), please visit our sister site.