In every instance when the Church has been assailed by one or another heresy, we find that many people are fooled by the heresy without actually understanding what is happening. Heresy is always presented as the truth and in this way many are misled.

-- Metropolitan Ephraim, Holy Orthodox Church in North America, 2001

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Gregory Lourie Deposed for Name Worshipping

In 2005, the Synod of Metropolitan Valentin of Suzdal deposed Gregory Lourie from the priesthood for his refusal to cease from promoting the heresy of name-worshipping.  Lourie maintains the decision was uncanonical.  He did not allow it to deter him from accepting consecration as a bishop in November 2008 from two bishops who had also been deposed by Metropolitan Valentin.  "Bishop" Lourie is now the foremost promoter of name-worshipping, having influence in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and the United States.  He has glorified the heretic Anthony Bulatovich as a saint.

More about the synod's decision to defrock him here and here.  Background here.